Dispute Resolution Lawyers in Dubai, UAE

Dispute Resolution

As a market-leading dispute resolution law firm, we have extensive experience advising and supporting our clients’ litigation matters before courts and tribunals across the UAE, including the DIFC. With full pleading rights, our dispute resolution lawyers provide comprehensive representation for individuals and companies facing contentious disputes, both civil and commercial.

Additionally, each disputes lawyer at MS Law understands that litigation is not always ideal. That’s why we maintain an active alternative disputes resolution practice with an experienced, professional team that has secured awards for our clients before DIAC, DIFC-LCIA, and other arbitral bodies.

With in-depth experience that spans industries and includes highly complex litigation and arbitration, we always zealously pursue our clients’ best interests.

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Litigation is costly and time-intensive, which is why we believe in a preventative approach. As expert litigation lawyers in Dubai, we provide comprehensive professional analysis of contentious legal matters, advising companies about how to effectively reduce disputes.

When a dispute is inevitable, our team of well-qualified professionals supports our clients with skillful guidance and reliable advice, extensively researching applicable legal strategies to advance our clients’ interests. With pleading privileges before all UAE courts, including the UAE Federal Court, the Dubai Court of Cassation, the DIFC courts, administrative committees, and personal status courts overseeing matters involving Shariah law, we are one of the few firms that can provide full-service representation for our clients.

However, litigation isn’t the only option for resolving disputes. Our mediation and arbitration lawyers have in-depth experience representing clients before DIAC, ICC, and DIFC-LCIA, as well as successfully enforcing arbitral awards. We also engage in negotiation, mediation, and settlement discussions, often resolving disputes to both parties’ satisfaction without the need for a court case.


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Companies face specific legal challenges, including resolving partner and shareholder disputes, managing commercial agency agreements, preventing financial mismanagement, and more. Our business dispute lawyers are experts in helping corporations minimize risk exposure and manage disputes when they arise.

With experience working with companies from SMEs to multi-national corporations, our business lawyers in Dubai also have in-depth experience with UAE-specific issues, including local sponsor “side agreements.” From complex joint ventures to corporate dissolution disputes, our team of business dispute lawyers deliver exceptional support throughout a company’s entire lifecycle.

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Our team of real estate lawyers in Dubai understands the UAE’s complex property law regime. With experience advocating for our clients in disputes with developers, as well as representing landlords and tenants before the Real Estate Regulatory Agency, our practice includes supporting our clients facing contentious property matters throughout the UAE.

We have prevailed in court when representing clients pursuing damages and restitution for late, canceled, or faulty/non-conforming off-plan projects, long-term and short-term lease issues, and disputes involving DIFC properties. For non-litigious matters, our real estate lawyers in Dubai draft and review sale purchase agreements, lease agreements, and an entire range of property-related documentation for jurisdictions across the UAE.

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Intellectual property (IP) is now the most vital asset for many companies, and protecting it is critical to maintaining a business’s competitive edge. As one of the leading intellectual property law firms in Dubai, we help start-ups, SMEs and multi-national corporations preserve and enforce their IP rights as well as defend against infringement. Our IP lawyers provide patent, trademark, and copyright registration, as well as trade secret protection, patent litigation, and licensing agreements, as well as practical advice for rapidly evolving tech sectors, such as e-commerce.

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Labor law in the UAE can be especially complicated. Particular provisions govern wrongful termination, end of service gratuity, sick leave, and more. Additionally, issues including breaches of confidentiality and non-competition clauses require legal advice grounded in a practical and nuanced understanding of the UAE’s employment law and court system.

Working with an experienced employment lawyer in Dubai can ensure that both workers and companies fully understand their rights and obligations. From reviewing employment contracts to managing labor disputes for employers and employees, we assist our clients with commercially viable, cost effective legal assistance.

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With a team of dedicated, professional, and highly experienced banking lawyers in Dubai, we help financial institutions comply with the UAE’s Islamic banking laws and regulations. We work closely with our clients, helping them navigate various Islamic financing principles and structures. We offer consultation and advice on various Shariah-compliant investment and financing options, including but not limited to modaraba, morabaha, musharika, ijara, and istisna Real Estate.

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As a full-service law firm, we provide consultation on all pertinent matters related to insurance recovery, brokerage, and risk management issues. Our insurance claim lawyers assist and advise both individuals and businesses in matters regarding life insurance, property insurance, Islamic insurance, health insurance, and more. Businesses and individuals in need of an experienced insurance lawyer in Dubai can trust in our commitment, due diligence, professionalism, and proven track record of success dealing with non-contentious matters and active disputes.

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As an experienced maritime law firm, we provide up-to-date legal counsel to clients, including ship owners, freight forwarders, charterers, protection and indemnity clubs, drydocks and courier companies. We understand that maritime law is ever-evolving and complex, and our team of expert legal professionals provide actionable advice regarding collision, ship financing, cargo claims, shipbuilding contracts, insurance, regulation, ports and terminals, environmental regulations, and salvage claims for national, regional, and international clients.

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Our expert family lawyers in Dubai have extensive experience in managing non-acrimonious divorces, inheritance, and other family law matters for both Shariah and civil law jurisdictions. We understand that family law is a sensitive matter. We offer consultation and practical advice that respects your privacy while adhering to the principles of confidentiality and objectivity.